Scuba Artist Dive Center is founded by Alvyn Khoo, Our late beloved friend and buddy. in late August 2015, Edmund Tay, one of our senior SDI dive instructor has take the lead for this organization, in together with few diving buddies and passionate friends. “Scuba Artist is born to dive, forced to work. But we get to explore and enjoy 100% of earth, non diver only get 30%. You want a change and get the bigger piece of earth, join us!” – Alvyn Khoo. Our two main locations being Tioman, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. Our goal is to provide  the best customer service, an excellent line of products at competitive prices. We take pride in offering not just a variety of dive options but also a fun social experience. At SA there’s a little something for everyone, whether it’s the highest quality equipment or an economical package, something for the active diver or a brand new student. Come check out SA and let us help with all of your diving needs.

What is our mission?
What may have started as a hobby has become our calling nature and nothing makes us more happy that expanding our blog to new areas of interest and interacting with scuba divers the world over! We are scuba diving enthusiasts blogging about our favourite dive sites and our scuba diving adventures as best we can, sharing our experiences along the way.
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We are always interested in new voices and realise that we are just the tip of the iceberg! We know that there are thousands of scuba divers across the globe with stories to tell and photos to share! If you are interested in writing on our blog let us know by sending us your info over our contact us page!
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